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Washington Is Not Telling Truth About The Gaza Pier

WASHINGTON, US: The Biden administration wants you to believe the U.S. is leading international efforts to get humanitarian relief into Gaza and that supplies are “flowing to Palestinians” via the military’s pier operation there.
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ICC Beholden to Collective West, Unable To Be Objective In Arab-Israeli Conflict

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia: The International Criminal Court has done nothing to date to condemn Israeli war crimes in Gaza. ICC representatives only state that, against the backdrop of Tel Aviv’s ongoing attacks on Palestinian civilians, the investigation into violations of humanitarian law in Palestine “continues.”
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Xi’s Whirlwind European Tour, Playing Mediator To Mixed Reviews

WASHINGTON, US: When Chinese President Xi Jinping arrived in France this week, the world’s conflicts were top of mind. Press reports tended to fixate on whether French President Emmanuel Macron could press Xi to distance himself from Russia. But ultimately, the leaders’ focus drifted farther south.
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Gulf States: The Devil And The Deep Sea Of Israel-Iran Tensions

HONG KONG, SAR: On April 17, Qatar announced that it was ‘re-assessing’ its role as a mediator between Israel and Hamas, a “re-assessment,” officials said, that was made necessary given how some players have manipulated Qatar’s mediation for their “narrow political interests.”
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Immigration: Global Election Issue

HONG KONG, SAR: Spoken or not, the issue of migration is an overt or covert issue for much of the politics of the world today, especially in a year with elections scheduled in eight of the world's 10 most populous nations.
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The Dangerous Global Order With A Nuclear Armed Iran

NEW YORK, US: As Iran is on the verge of achieving a significant milestone in obtaining nuclear weapons, concerns are mounting over the Biden administration's lack of a coherent strategy to prevent Iran from going nuclear.
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Saudi Arabia Has Most To Lose If US Strikes Go Sideways

WASHINGTON, US: Since November, the Houthis in Yemen have launched scores of missile and drone attacks on vessels in the Gulf of Aden and the southern Red Sea in reaction to the U.S.-backed Israeli war on Gaza. Ansarallah, the dominant Houthi militia, also hijacked the Japanese-operated and partly Israeli-owned Galaxy Leader on November 19.
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A Century Of Conflict In The Middle East

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia: The year 1916 is a unique combination of two numbers 19 & 16 –i.e. both are with the digit 1 followed by the numerals 9 & 6 –which appears as if they (9&6) were rotated mirror images of each other. Now the year 1916 was also during the midst of the First World War and was probably the year in which the Modern Middle East as we know it today began to take shape.
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The Death Of Neutrality?

WASHINGTON, US: In recent months, Israeli officials have gotten into the habit of equating Hamas with ISIS. This framing has obvious benefits for Israel, which hopes to garner global sympathy by comparing its enemy to a group widely viewed as the pinnacle of early 21st century evil.
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Impossible To Restore Peace To The Red Sea Via Military Means

BEIJING, China: US and UK fighter jets launched strikes against multiple targets in Yemen's capital Sanaa, the western Red Sea city of Al Hudaydah and the northern province of Saada on Friday local time. The situation in the Red Sea has seen a new round of increased tensions and faces the risk of further escalation.
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Iraq Can't Hold Off Gaza's Spillover Much Longer

WASHINGTON, US: The Iraqi army captain who assassinated King Faisal II and his family in 1958 claimed, “All I did was remember Palestine, and the trigger on the machine-gun just set itself off.”
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Where Did Hamas Come From And What Does It Want?

WASHINGTON, US: Hamas’s surprise bloody attack on Israel on October 7, 50 years plus one day since the October 1973 war, and the massive Israeli military response in Gaza has dominated media coverage regionally and globally for the past two plus months.
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Why Are Islamists Claiming Non-Muslim Land?

NEW YORK, US: Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan keeps increasingly referring to places outside Turkey as "our lands." In his statement following the presidential cabinet meeting on November 20, Erdogan said:
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Gaza Conflict Won’t Fully Turn Muslim Nations From US To China, Say Analysts

HONG KONG, SAR: Although many Muslim nations are publicly unhappy with US support for Israel in the wake of Israel’s invasion of Gaza in retaliation for Hamas’s savage October 7 surprise attack and make a show of preferring China’s growing influence, their shift in allegiance is only temporary, analysts say, although the Gaza situation has complicated the US position and slowed the momentum that was building for growing rapport between Israel and several Middle Eastern nations, particularly Saudi Arabia. 
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How Hamas Has Made Life Harder For Iran And Its Allies

WASHINGTON, US: While the Biden administration has secured a deal with Israel and Hamas for a combat “pause,” it remains to be seen if this leads to a formal cease fire or only allows for a brief respite before Israel resumes its bid to destroy Hamas.
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How The Israel-Hamas War Is Destabilizing The Horn Of Africa

WASHINGTON, US: Hamas’s attack into Israel and massacre of Israelis, followed by Israel’s war of obliteration on Gaza backed by the United States, is a political earthquake in the Middle East. Its tremors are shaking up the politics of the Horn of Africa, bringing down an already tottering peace and security architecture.
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