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A Month Of New Power Flexing

Regional moves to expand power influence and friendshoring efforts have been intensifying
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Indonesian President In Damage Control Over New Capital

JAKARTA, Indonesia: Indonesia's president is rushing to reassure investors and bureaucrats about his $32 billion new capital city in a malaria-prone pocket of Borneo, after the resignations of two officials overseeing the plan raised fresh doubts about its future.
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Prabowo's New Fears and Hope

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia: Indonesia’s President elect Prabowo’s visit to Malaysia reflects a new strategic maneuver for both Jakarta and Kuala Lumpur. Jakarta will need Malaysia’s alignment of support and policies, as both share similar threat settings and challenges in facing renewed and intense pressure and overtures from both the West and Beijing.
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From Desperation To Determination: Indonesian Trafficking Survivors Demand Justice

NEW YORK, US: Working abroad can be a way for Indonesians to earn much more than they could at home, and provide for their families. However, for some the journey can turn into a nightmare, with long hours, wages withheld, and abuse. The UN is working closely with the government to help bring trafficked workers home.
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What A Prabowo Win Signals For US-Indonesia Relations

WASHINGTON, US: Soon after voting ended in the world’s fourth-largest country and third-largest democracy, Prabowo Subianto is claiming a knock-out blow winning more than half the vote and the necessary number of provinces to eliminate both his challengers.
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Only A DPP Win Will Assure Arc Of Democracy

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia: Taiwan’s presidential election on 13 January remains a pivotal crossroads for both the Taiwanese people and regional fate of peace and democracy. 
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Asia-Pacific Region Eyes Cooperation With Russia Despite Western Pressure

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia: The system of a unipolar world order finally ceased to exist after Russia’s decisive actions to defend its national interests and protect Russian-speaking citizens in Ukraine, and the adherents of the collapsed world order, among which the countries of the collective West play a key role, began to gradually lose their allies in Asia.
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Choosing The West Or The East?

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia: Malaysia’s participation in the recent APEC Summit has seen the strong stance on the Palestinian issue being projected. In navigating the expected implications on this stance, Malaysia has also reiterated its conventional position on neutrality and firmly and fiercely aligning with its own non-aligned stance and refraining to take a side, and condemning the bloc rivalry and bipolar divide.
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Indonesia Walks An APEC Tightrope

MELBOURNE, Australia: The US will host the upcoming APEC meeting against the backdrop of rising economic nationalism and growing tensions with China.
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Solidify Joint Security Bond with Singapore

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia: The 10th Singapore-Malaysia Retreat has produced positive outcomes and expectations for greater trust and partnership, but consistent and future driven strategic efforts must be amplified in reinforcing trust and cementing a common framework of strategic deterrence and joint security enhancement.
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ASEAN’S China Dilemma

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia: The 43rd ASEAN Summit and Related Summits in Jakarta are again a manifestation of distinct power plays, denting any aspired efficacy of the scramble to elevate conflict prevention mechanisms.

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Wang Yi’s Visit A Reflection Of Beijing’s New Soft Power Scramble

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia:Foreign Minister Wang Yi’s travel to a three-country strategic engagement stint is aimed at shoring up public and diplomatic image of the country, deepening trust and strategic mutual dependence, and regaining soft power and geopolitical influence in the region amidst growing tension with the US and worsening tension in the South China Sea against the backdrop of the water cannoning incident with the Philippines.

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Is Neutrality The Best Path for Malaysia?

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia:After chairing the second meeting of the Foreign Policy Consultation Council, Foreign Minister Datuk Seri Zambry Abdul Kadir stated that Malaysia needs to adopt an approach to be seen as a middle power with a pragmatic policy in facing current geopolitical challenges, and that a balanced and nuanced policy is crucial for Malaysia to avoid being perceived as leaning too much to any particular power, with the need to ensure that the non-aligned policy to bring positive impact.

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Jakarta Acts To Stop Being The Next Atlantis

MELBOURNE, Australia:The fastest-sinking city in the world, Jakarta, has finally taken action on its core land subsidence problem when groundwater free zones for highrise buildings will start to be established in August this year.

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ASEAN Must Change Or Face Irrelevance

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia:The 42nd ASEAN Summit and related meetings in Indonesia earlier this month (May 10-11) took place at the most critical crossroads for the immediate and long-term relevance of ASEAN and its role in the region and beyond.

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ASEAN Must Change Or Face Irrelevance

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia:The 42nd ASEAN Summit and related meetings in Indonesia earlier this month (May 10-11) took place at the most critical crossroads...

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Malaysia Reaches 45th Position Out Of 88 On New International Trade Barrier Index

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia:Malaysia ranks 45th out of 88 countries in the International Trade Barrier Index (TBI) 2023, released by the Tholos Foundation in Washington D.C. The Center for Market Education (CME) is the Malaysian partner for the Tholos Foundation and hosted the Innovation Summit Southeast Asia 2023 where the new Index was released – for the first time in the world – at the Asia School of Business.

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