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Choosing The West Or The East?

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia: Malaysia’s participation in the recent APEC Summit has seen the strong stance on the Palestinian issue being projected. In navigating the expected implications on this stance, Malaysia has also reiterated its conventional position on neutrality and firmly and fiercely aligning with its own non-aligned stance and refraining to take a side, and condemning the bloc rivalry and bipolar divide.
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AI Minefield In The Misinformation Battle

MELBOURNE, Australia: The rapid advancement of generative AI has sparked concerns about its potential to fuel the spread of misinformation.
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How The Israel-Hamas War Is Destabilizing The Horn Of Africa

WASHINGTON, US: Hamas’s attack into Israel and massacre of Israelis, followed by Israel’s war of obliteration on Gaza backed by the United States, is a political earthquake in the Middle East. Its tremors are shaking up the politics of the Horn of Africa, bringing down an already tottering peace and security architecture.
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Time To Pull The Plug On Forced Electric Vehicles

NEW YORK, US: The recent headlines regarding the forced transition from gasoline- and diesel-powered vehicles to electrical vehicles (EVs) are screaming "Slow down!" even as federal and state governments are barreling along trying to regulate and mandate them.
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Today's Nazis Are Hamas

NEW YORK, US: Among the groups that have supported the rapes, beheadings, burning alive, mass murder and kidnappings of Jews by Hamas have been some that purport to speak for gays, Jews, feminists and progressives. If any of these groups were actually to travel to Gaza, they would be murdered by Hamas.
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Food Security Vital For Nation’s Wellbeing

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia: The Association for Welfare, Community and Dialogue (Acid) condemns the action of the authorities in evicting farmers in Kanthan, Perak who were growing various food crops serving the local market.
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The Religious Face Of India-Canada Tensions

HONG KONG, China:Earlier this week, officials from Canada and India made new comments about their bilateral dispute. Although the political dimension of their controversy cannot be ignored, one should not dismiss the importance of its religious roots.
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Our Response To China Must Be Overwhelming, Not 'Proportional'

NEW YORK, US: On October 24, a Chinese J-11 fighter jet recklessly maneuvered within ten feet of a U.S. Air Force B-52 bomber flying in international airspace over the South China Sea, endangering the crew of the American plane. There have been provocative Chinese intercepts of U.S. planes and vessels in the global commons for decades, but now the pace of the belligerent actions has increased.
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Avoiding Armageddon

WASHINGTON, US: Limited war is a form of warfare constrained by the exercise of deliberate restraint in the application of force and the pursuit of political-military goals that exclude annihilation. In Ukraine, all sides shared an interest in avoiding the use of nuclear weapons, and contrary to the Western narrative, Moscow’s goals were arguably confined to the destruction of hostile Ukrainian forces (“denazification”) and the establishment of a neutral Ukrainian state.
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China's Decaying BRI Weakens Its Strategy Against Russia And The West

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia: The 10th Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) Anniversary forum is particularly important for China's President Xi Jinping’s prestige, as this remains his personal brainchild and a projection of his leadership and strategic insight. 
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Hoping PAS Will Moderate Its Behaviour Is Just Wishful Thinking

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia: In a recent interview, Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim said he would not reject the possibility of PAS joining the unity government subject to PAS accepting several core policies and respecting that Malaysia is a multiracial and multireligious nation. This comes after he had spoken earlier about his hopes for “rekindling” a relationship with PAS president Hadi Awang.
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China's Proxy Wars Are 'Encircling' America

NEW YORK, US: China is setting fires. Chinese President Xi Jinping green-lighted Russia's invasion of Ukraine and is supporting that war with lethal and other assistance. In North Africa, Beijing, in conjunction with Moscow, has been fueling insurgencies that resemble wars. In the Middle East, China is backing Hamas's monstrous attacks on Israel.
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An Intelligence Failure In Israel, But What Kind?

NEW YORK, US: The sudden and devastating Hamas attack on Israel has so far claimed over 900 Israeli lives and wounded 2,700 more. Many of the dead are civilians, including children, and Hamas has also taken many dozens of prisoners. 

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The End Of The Netanyahu Doctrine

WASHINGTON, US: The events of recent days are unprecedented. The last time units of Jewish and Palestinian fighters — military or paramilitary — went to battle on such a broad front in Israel-Palestine was in 1948. 
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Yaroslav Hunka, Politico And The Rehabilitation Of Nazi War Crimes

MICHIGAN, US:Two weeks after Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, German Ambassador Sabine Sparwasser and the entire Canadian Parliament honored Ukrainian Waffen-SS veteran Yaroslav Hunka with a standing ovation, it is increasingly obvious that this was not a misunderstanding. Rather, it was a deliberate provocation.

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Where There Is Unity, There Is Prosperity

ASTANA, Kazakhstan: Today, the world is experiencing a new era of globalization. We are currently living in a complex period of human history, encompassing economic, social, environmental and humanitarian dimensions.

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