How The US Squandered Its Strategic Minerals

NEW YORK, U.S.--"The PRC's [Communist China's] long-term goal," the Pentagon wrote in 2020, "is to create an entirely self-reliant defense-industrial sector—fused with a strong civilian industrial and technology sector—that can meet the PLA's needs for modern military capabilities."

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Sanctions Are Targeted Warfare, And They Do Kill

WASHINGTON, U.S.--The U.S. employs broad economic sanctions with increasing frequency despite their poor record of success and the growing body of evidence that they cause significant harm to the populations of the countries where they are imposed.

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The U.S. Needs A Safe, Sane Energy Policy

NEW YORK, U.S.--Western democracies are under assault by a Russia determined to bring the United States and its allies to their knees.

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How Governments Have Failed Their Citizens

BANGKOK, Thailand--As the world is going through a generational transition in political, administrative, and bureaucratic leadership, governance has been plagued with crisis after crisis.

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King Charles III Faces Challenges As Old Colonial Links Go

SACRAMENTO, U.S.--In a coincidence that illustrates the great changes that Queen Elizabeth II had to deal with during a long reign, her death on September 8 came just a few hours after India, a leading member of what was once called the “British Commonwealth,” began removing some of the last emblems of British colonialism from central Delhi.

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Putin-Xi Meeting At Summit Marks The Rise Of Eurasia

WASHINGTON, U.S.--Even as the Ukraine war enters a new phase with significant Russian losses in the Donbass, the center of diplomatic gravity this week will be in the historic city of Samarkand in Uzbekistan, where the annual meeting of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) is taking place.

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Turkey: What Is The Real Terrorist Threat?

NEW YORK, U.S.--Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's ideological family tree is inherently anti-Western-- hence, anti-US and anti-NATO. This author's most recent article, "NATO Family Picture in Madrid: This Will Not Be Erdoğan's Last Blackmail," was posted on July 7. 

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The "Great Reset": A Blueprint For Destroying Freedom, Innovation, And Prosperity

NEW YORK, U.S.--How do nations become wealthy? Many are blessed with abundant natural resources. Others conquer foreign lands. Some specialize in unique trade skills and crafts. Timber, mining, fishing, sugar, rum, narcotics, cotton, silk, agriculture, conquest, human slavery, manufacturing, oil, industry, banking, and so on — depending on the century and the region, nations have attained tremendous wealth in myriad ways. Notice that no nation has managed merely to print money and tax its citizens on the path to prosperity. Real wealth cannot simply be conjured from thin air. There must be recognized value in what a nation and its citizens possess.

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Corruption Trials Must Not Stop At Najib, Justice Must Be Served To All Corrupted Ones

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia--The Malaysian judiciary delivered justice and advanced the rule of law on 23 August when the Federal Court upheld former prime minister Najib Razak's conviction and 12-year jail sentence for corruption in the SRC international trial, restoring public trust in that no one is above the law in our land.

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Security Threat: China's Interest In US Agriculture

NEW YORK, U.S.--The U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission (USCC) recently warned that China's interest in the agriculture of the United States poses both a serious economic challenge and a security risk to the United States.

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Why We Can’t Rely On NATO To Make Europe Whole Again

WASHINGTON, U.S.--Amid a precarious proxy war with Russia, a brewing crisis with China, and a potential confrontation with Iran – not to mention considerable turbulence at home – Americans can at least take comfort in knowing that the NATO alliance is continuing to expand.

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U.S. Maintains Large Network of Bio-Labs Worldwide

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia--Since the start of the Russian special military operation in Ukraine, the issue of U.S. funded and supported biological laboratories has come under the spotlight with many questions being asked over what their ultimate purpose is.

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Unintended Consequences: A Heyday For The Geopolitics Of Eurasian Transport

SINGAPORE CITY, Singapore--When Russia invaded Ukraine, it took itself off the map of Eurasian transport corridors linking China and Europe. At the same time, it breathed new life into moribund routes that would allow goods to travel across the Eurasian landmass without traversing Russia. It also opened the door to greater Russian connectivity with the Middle East and South and Southeast Asia.

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Whatever Happened To The ‘Rules-Based International Order?’

WASHINGTON, U.S.--Early last week, President Joe Biden announced that the United States had killed al-Qaida leader Ayman al-Zawahiri in Kabul, Afghanistan. The news initially sparked widespread media attention, but in the end it came and went with relatively little fanfare, especially for the death of a long-time American enemy with a $25 million bounty on his head.

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It’s Time To Negotiate With ‘Terrorists’ In Somalia

WASHINGTON, U.S.--Instead of redeploying American military forces to Somalia in support of the Somali National Army’s war against al-Shabab, the Biden administration should rely on diplomacy to help resolve the conflict.

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