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Iran Moves Into Somalia

After six months of Iran using its Houthi Jihadis to impose a blockade near Yemen while defying Biden to do anything about it, the Islamic global terror state is moving on to a Somali blockade.
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The Secret Deal That Freed Julian Assange

Inside the secret deal that freed Julian Assange: The extraordinary behind closed doors negotiations and legal lifeline that led to WikiLeaks founder's surprise release
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Time To Terminate US Counter-Terrorism Programs In Africa

WASHINGTON, US: Every so often I am reminded of how counter-productive US engagement in the world has become. Of how, after miserable failure after failure, this country’s foreign policy makers keep trying to run the globe and fail again. From the strategic defeats in Iraq and Afghanistan to the feckless effort to sway the excessive Israeli military operation in Gaza, the US has squandered its power, exceeded its capabilities, and just plain failed.
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What An Even Stronger Modi Might Mean For US-India Relations

WASHINGTON, US: To many observers, the leadership of President Joe Biden and Prime Minister Narendra Modi has marked an emerging shift in the Indo-American relationship, pointing towards a new era of mutual alignment.
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Russo-Ukrainian War: Widening The Front

SMO: There are certain regions of the world that seemed destined by the cruel caprice of geography and chance to be perennial battlegrounds.
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ICC Discredits Itself With Political Bias

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia: Currently, the international criminal justice system, of which the International Criminal Court (ICC) is an integral part, is actually an instrument of political games. The international legal basis for the ICC to exercise its powers remains legally controversial. In this regard, the Rome Statute, on which the ICC relies in its activities, is not recognized by Russia, China, India, Turkey and other authoritative states.
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KNDS France Proposes CAESAR 6x6 155mm Howitzer To Enhance Malaysian Army Artillery Capabilities

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia: In a significant move to bolster the artillery capabilities of the Malaysian Army, KNDS France has proposed its combat-proven CAESAR 6x6 artillery systems. The announcement was made at the Defense Services Asia (DSA) 2024 exhibition, highlighting the company's commitment to supporting Malaysia's military modernization efforts.
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Taliban’s Mistreatment Of Women Has Global Ramifications

WASHINGTON, US: The Taliban’s well-documented oppression is more than just a problem for the women and girls of Afghanistan. The country’s misrule is a signal to the world that gender-based discrimination can be ignored—even condoned. This perpetuates impunity and poses a grave risk of normalizing extremists. It’s time for those who built the international human rights system to step up and defend it.
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ISW: Defeatist Propaganda Keeping ‘Us’ From A Ukraine Military Victory

WASHINGTON, US: With the pendulum of war swinging in Russia’s favor and the Western alliance only now clearing the way for more aid to Ukraine, many have been waiting for the Institute for the Study of War to offer its take on who is to blame and what is to be done.
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Immigration: Global Election Issue

HONG KONG, SAR: Spoken or not, the issue of migration is an overt or covert issue for much of the politics of the world today, especially in a year with elections scheduled in eight of the world's 10 most populous nations.
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Was Nuland Fired For Her Role In The Ukraine Debacle?

ALBANY, US: Victoria Nuland’s retirement is an admission that Washington’s premier foreign policy project has failed. No government official is more identified with the Ukraine fiasco than Nuland. 
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The Dangerous Global Order With A Nuclear Armed Iran

NEW YORK, US: As Iran is on the verge of achieving a significant milestone in obtaining nuclear weapons, concerns are mounting over the Biden administration's lack of a coherent strategy to prevent Iran from going nuclear.
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Iran-Pakistan Tensions And China’s Diplomatic Cards

WASHINGTON, US: Iran and Pakistan’s unprecedented cross-border strikes on January 16 and 18 were as unsettling as they were surprising. Although Tehran has long seen Baloch separatist groups operating in Pakistan’s Balochistan province and Iran’s Sistan and Balochistan provinces as a grave threat, officials in Islamabad were caught off guard when Iran fired a barrage of missiles at two Jaish al-Adl bases without coordination with Pakistan. The Pakistani army then retaliated by firing drones and missiles at the Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA) and Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF) targets near the Iranian city of Saravan.
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What’s Really Going On With Pakistan And Iran Exchanging Attacks?

WASHINGTON, US: On Tuesday, Iran used missiles and drones to strike western Pakistan near Koh-e-Sabz. On Thursday, Pakistan conducted airstrikes in southeastern Iran near Saravan, then released a statement claiming that “Iran is a brotherly country.”
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Impossible To Restore Peace To The Red Sea Via Military Means

BEIJING, China: US and UK fighter jets launched strikes against multiple targets in Yemen's capital Sanaa, the western Red Sea city of Al Hudaydah and the northern province of Saada on Friday local time. The situation in the Red Sea has seen a new round of increased tensions and faces the risk of further escalation.
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Only A DPP Win Will Assure Arc Of Democracy

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia: Taiwan’s presidential election on 13 January remains a pivotal crossroads for both the Taiwanese people and regional fate of peace and democracy. 
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Pakistan Deporting Afghans Who Seek Asylum From Taliban

NEW YORK, US:Pakistan has started the mass deportation of "unregistered" Afghans in the country. The move sends back hundreds of thousands of people who fled the Taliban when they took over in 2021 after American troops withdrew, and violates principles of refugee non-refoulement. If forcibly returned, these refugees are at risk of persecution.
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