Heritage Grave Demolished: Dereliction Of Duty?

GEORGETOWN, Malaysia--Which of these two is a real treasure worth preserving for its history and educational value, as a tourist attraction, and most of all, as an irreplaceable legacy of the Pearl of the Orient, Penang?

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KLSICCI Holds Courtesy Meeting With Egyptian Ambassador

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia--The Kuala Lumpur and Selangor Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KLSICCI) had a courtesy meeting earlier today with the Ambassador of Egypt,  His Excellency Mr Ragai Nasr . Mr Hany Ezat Abdelfattah , the Counselor , Head of the Commercial Office from the Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt also joined the courtesy meeting .

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PNB must justify miserable dividends from ASNB

KOTA KINABALU, Malaysia--Amanah Saham Nasional Bhd (ASNB), the wholly-owned unit trust company of Permodalan Nasional Bhd (PNB), has declared an income distribution of RM882.49mil for Amanah Saham Malaysia 2 - Wawasan (ASM 2 Wawasan) for the financial year ended Aug 31, 2022.


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Political Earthquake: Can A New Malaysia Emerge?

BANGKOK, Thailand--The recent imprisonment of former Prime Minister Najib Razak when his conviction was upheld by the Federal Court, and the subsequent conviction of his wife Rosmah Mansor on corruption charges has likely triggered a tipping point in Malaysian politics.

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Keppel To Develop Singapore’s First Hydrogen-Ready Power Plant

SINGAPORE CITY,Singapore – Keppel Infrastructure Holdings Limited (Keppel Infrastructure), through its wholly owned subsidiary Keppel Energy, has reached final investment decision (FID) to develop a 600MW state-of-the-art, advanced combined cycle gas turbine (CCGT) power plant, and has awarded an engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contract to a consortium comprising Mitsubishi Power Asia Pacific and Jurong Engineering for the construction of the plant. 


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Health White Paper Needs To Also Address The Issue Of Unintended Pregnancies

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia--The issue of unintended pregnancies is an essential component that also needs to be addressed in the Health White Paper which is expected to be tabled in November this year. This is one area we feel that has been largely neglected in the country. 

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Malaysia’s Government System Under Pressure In Wake Of Najib Verdict

SACRAMENTO, U.S.--Malaysia’s legal system is under severe challenge from followers of former Prime Minister Najib, who want him freed via royal pardon from a sentence of 12 years in prison on seven counts of abuse of power, money laundering, and criminal breach of trust for steering millions of dollars into his own pockets from an offshoot of the failed 1Malaysia Development Bhd. investment fund, which collapsed in 2016 from mismanagement and corruption.

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Stop Restricting Student Participation In Politics

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia--The Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE) has recently drafted a guideline under the Universities and University Colleges Act 1971 (UUCA) with the purpose of regulating student involvement in politics on and off campus.

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APEC Ministers: Regenerate Tourism Markets

BANGKOK, Thailand--Tourism Ministers from APEC member economies are coordinating their policies to revive the tourism and travel industry in the region so that it is safe, sustainable, responsible and more inclusive.

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The Graves Of Wang Kelian And Anna Jenkins

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia--Many graves were found in Wang Kelian. In the jungles, on the hills. The graves held bodies of trafficked persons, faces pointed towards Mecca. One burial is known to have been conducted by an Ustaz (religious teacher) who was also a trafficking agent.

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The Sulu Arbitration Scam

BANGKOK, Thailand--Can you imagine what would be the consequences if a rogue freelance lawyer misused the good offices of the Malaysian courts and awarded USD 15 billion against Spain or France in an arbitration hearing, without either country participating?

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Free Walden Bello Now!

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia--Socialist Party of Malaysia (PSM) condemns the political-motivated arrest of Walden Bello by the Philippine authority.

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Fiery Puteri chief bodes Well for UMNOs "new faces"

KUALA LUMPUR , Malaysia--Anyone who has witnessed a speech delivered by Zahida Zarik Khan will have to agree that this woman has potential as a leader and as someone who is unquestionably one of the “new blood and new face” that UMNO needs.

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When Farmers And Fisherfolk Have To March To Parliament, Leaders Have Failed

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia--When food producers, including farmers and fisherfolk, have to march to the gates of Parliament to plead to the government to halt actions that jeopardise food production, it clearly signals that our leaders and the relevant ministries have failed in their vocation.
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CAP: Do Not Fall Prey To Tobacco Industry Antics To Subvert The Tobacco Control Bill

This is a significant step in implementing Malaysia’s obligations under the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC), the first treaty negotiated under the auspices of the World Health Organization (WHO) that was adopted in 2003. Malaysia was part of that historic process and on 16 September 2005, the Government ratified the FCTC, so the 2022 Bill is in fact long overdue. 
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Malaysian Authorities Using Spyware To monitor Citizens

BANGKOK, Thailand--With the recent revelations that the Thai government has been using surveillance software to track and monitor its citizens in the name of national security, Malaysia should not escape scrutiny. In Thailand, the Israeli designed Pegasus spyware is being utilized against student protestors and other activists opposed to the military backed Prayuth Chan-o-cha government.

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