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Malaysian Children’s Hospice Klang Launch

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia: The registration of MAPPAC on 18th June 2018 has been the catalyst in setting the pace for the launch of the 1st Malaysian Children’s Hospice (MCH) Kuala Lumpur on June 17, 2023. The 2nd being MCH Sibu, Sarawak on Nov. 11, 2023. 
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INDOPACOM Likely More Confrontational Under New Chief

BEIJING, China: As the US Senate Armed Services Committee on Tuesday voted to advance the nomination of Samuel Paparo as chief of the US Indo-Pacific Command (INDOPACOM), sending the matter to the full Senate for a confirmation vote, Chinese experts warn that under the new chief's command, it is very possible that the US military will try to create a crisis and deepen military tensions with China in the Asia-Pacific, especially across the Taiwan Straits.
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America’s Unrivalled Space Race Dominance

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia: The first return to the moon since the 1970s for the US with the touchdown of Odysseus by Texas-based company Intuitive Machines near the moon's south pole on 22 February, marked the first in more than half a century and the first ever achieved by the private sector.
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Japan's Support Of Ukraine Conflict Harms Asia-Pacific Security

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia: The collective West, in search of alternative sources of arms supplies to Ukraine, are consistently increasing pressure on the ruling circles of Japan in order to revise the legislative norms for the export of arms and military equipment in force in the island state. 
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India’s Checkmate Of China’s Power And Lifeline For Malaysia

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia: India celebrated its Republic Day on January 26. Its rise in the regional and global economic and security leadership has been phenomenal and resonating, and yet has been largely misunderstood and ignored, and overshadowed by the rise of China and the perception of the Chinese Century.
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When There Are Few Chinese And Indians Left In Malaysia

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia: A quasi-Malay ex-politician's recent rant questioning the loyalty of Indians because they are not “Malay enough” in his bigoted perspective got me thinking. Not about bigots who, like snakes, only know how to spew poison and wag their forked tongues; but rather, whether the Malays would really be better off if there were a lot fewer Indians and Chinese in Malaysia?
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Any Pardon For Najib will Be A Political Decision

BANGKOK, Thailand: With a Pardons Board meeting being set for the third week in January, the scene could be set for the board to grant a full pardon to former prime minister Najib Razak over his convictions in the SRC case. This will be one to the last official duties of the current YDPA, before he hands over the position to the Sultan of Johor on 31st January.
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A Closer Look At ECRL And Some of its Controversies

KOTA KINABALU, Malaysia: Snaking across Peninsula Malaysia as it links Port Klang, Malaysia's biggest transport hub, and Kuantan Port, which faces the South China Sea
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Malaysia Urged To Consider Licensing Takeda Dengue Vaccine

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia: Virologist Emeritus Professor Datuk Dr. Lam Sai Kit has urged the Malaysian government to look into giving access to a new dengue vaccine that is suitable for individuals who have been previously infected with dengue or not.
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PADU: The Myth Of Data-Driven Policy Decisions

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia: The Malaysian Government recently launched the Central Database Hub (PADU), an effort led by the Economics Ministry to bring together information held by various ministries and government agencies into one, allowing the government a clearer picture of its 33.5 million population. 
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Germany’s Top Diplomat Visits Philippines

MANILA, Philippines: German Federal Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock will arrive in the country today to meet with President Marcos and Foreign Affairs Secretary Enrique Manalo.
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