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Petrol Pain Coming For Malaysia’s Elderly

MELBOURNE, Australia: Plans to remove Malaysia’s fuel subsidies are set to add to cost of living challenges, particularly for its elderly population who rely heavily on fixed incomes.
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Usaha Australia Pikat ASEAN Dalam Menangkis Perluasan Beijing

KUALA LUMPUR, Malayia: Persidangan Khas ASEAN – Australia sempena ulangtahun ke-50 pertalian di antara kedua-dua entiti memberikan gambaran jelas kepada negara anggota serantau dan juga kepada kuasa luar terutamanya China.
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Why A Cure For HIV Remains Elusive

MELBOURNE, Australia: World AIDS Day on December 1 is an opportunity to reflect on the spectacular progress made towards preventing and treating HIV — but a cure for the virus 39 million people are currently living with remains elusive.
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AI Minefield In The Misinformation Battle

MELBOURNE, Australia: The rapid advancement of generative AI has sparked concerns about its potential to fuel the spread of misinformation.
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Indonesia Walks An APEC Tightrope

MELBOURNE, Australia: The US will host the upcoming APEC meeting against the backdrop of rising economic nationalism and growing tensions with China.
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Jakarta Acts To Stop Being The Next Atlantis

MELBOURNE, Australia:The fastest-sinking city in the world, Jakarta, has finally taken action on its core land subsidence problem when groundwater free zones for highrise buildings will start to be established in August this year.

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The Group Most Affected Never Had A Say In Fukushima Water release

MELBOURNE, Australia-The port of Onahama, in southern Fukushima Prefecture, Japan, exudes a quiet busy-ness on a warm spring day. Fishers come and go in tiny white trucks, unloading their catches in blue plastic crates. White, blue and red flags, emblazoned with a stylised tuna logo, flutter in the wind outside the new red brick fish market. In the food hall across the road, vendors twist skewers of grilled shellfish and keep a watchful eye on deep vats of steamed clams. A sign above a plastic model of the day’s special proudly declares that the deep-fried oysters come from a port only 20km up the coast.

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Greek Lessons For ASEAN Nations

MELBOURNE, Australia--If the ancient Greeks are to be believed, the rivalry between the current great powers, America and China, will lead to war. American political scientist Graham Allison popularised the situation as “Thucydides’s Trap”. 

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New Tools Needed To Control The Spread Of Mosquito-Borne Disease

MELBOURNE, Australia--Mosquito-borne diseases already kill more than one million people and infect up to 700 million each year. Rising global temperatures are causing an expansion in the areas in which mosquitoes thrive, putting communities at higher latitudes and altitudes at risk of outbreaks and making more months each year favourable to disease transmission in places already prone to mosquito-borne disease.

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Malaysia’s Secret Brain Drain

BANGKOK, Thailand--It has long been known that a significant number of non-Malay Malaysians have migrated to other countries in search of more opportunities and a better life. 

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COP26: Experts React To The UN Climate Summit And Glasgow Pact

MELBOURNE, Australia-We asked experts from around the world for their reaction to the outcomes of this year’s UN climate summit, COP26, including the Glasgow Climate Pact agreed by all 197 countries attending the talks. Here’s what they had to say about the deals that were made. (This page will be updated as reactions come in.)

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Inspirational Jones comfortable on big stage

MELBOURNE: Francesca Jones' heart-warming Grand Slam debut ended in defeat Tuesday, but the Australian Open qualifier believes she has arrived on the big stage.

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Aussie’s Victoria mulls mandatory N95 masks for quarantine hotels

SYDNEY: The Australian state of Victoria is considering making N95 masks mandatory for quarantine hotels and will also ban nebuliser machines for inhaling medication at them, after a cluster of three cases was linked to a hotel.

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