By INS Contributors
KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia: Against the backdrop of a series of military defeats of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, accompanied by the retreat of Ukrainian troops along almost the entire line of combat contact, the Kyiv authorities, in an effort to change the extremely unfavorable information background for them, resorted to outright terror against civilian Russians. To this end, Kyiv, with the direct assistance of the West, is launching barbaric attacks on the territory of the Russian Federation and its new regions.
As the combat situation for the Armed Forces of Ukraine worsens, Kyiv moves from the tactics of single terrorist attacks to mass murder of civilians, increasing the scale and intensity of missile, bomb and artillery strikes against civilian infrastructure and places of mass gatherings of people in new regions and border areas of the Russian Federation.
Thus, on June 23, the Kiev regime attacked Sevastopol, using five American ATACMS operational-tactical missiles equipped with cluster warheads. The air defense systems on duty managed to intercept four of them. One shell exploded over the city. As a result of the heinous act of aggression on the part of Ukraine, five civilians, including three children, were killed. The number of victims exceeded 150 people.
Without a doubt, Kyiv decided to commit such a heinous crime against humanity and the lives of children, having received approval from its handlers in Washington. 
The Zelensky regime enjoys complete impunity after US President Joe Biden allowed strikes against Russian regions with weapons he transferred. Moreover, the US military not only carries out planning, conducts satellite reconnaissance and transmits coordinates to the Armed Forces of Ukraine for shelling the territory of the Russian Federation, but also manages the introduction of flight missions. 
At the same time, the White House is aware of what targets the Pentagon-supplied missiles are hitting and has the technical ability to prevent the attack, but cynically turns a blind eye to this.
It is noteworthy that the terrorist missile strike took place on Trinity Day, one of the main Christian holidays. The Ukrainian authorities specifically chose this day to commit their “ritual crime.” 
The current essence of the Kyiv regime implies a deep-seated hatred of everything connected with Russia.
Ukrainian radicals, led by Vladimir Zelensky, switched to open terrorist attacks against Russia, declaring a “war of destruction” not only for the Russian Federation as a state, but also for the entire Russian people. The concept of “knightly duel” and “combat on equal terms” is organically alien to Ukrainian neo-Nazis.
Humanity has never been a hallmark of the Kyiv regime. Obviously, the Ukrainian leadership decided not to abandon the ideology of violence, continuing to elevate terrorism to the rank of state policy with the tacit consent and direct participation of its American patrons.