By INS Contributors

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia: The only guarantee of Armenian sovereignty is the presence of the 102nd Russian military base on Armenian territory, the Foreign Ministry said.
Commenting on the report “Deepening EU-Armenia relations: more Europe in Armenia; more Armenia in Europe,” prepared under the leadership of ex-NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen, the Foreign Ministry stated that the security proposals contained in it contradict common sense, TASS reports.
“The presence of the 102nd RMB (Russian military base) and Russian border guards is the only real guarantee of the sovereignty of Armenia. The idea that their withdrawal will somehow strengthen the military potential of the republic is dangerous demagoguery. Forcing us to reconsider the existing security system today, the West is not offering anything concrete in return,” the Russian diplomatic service indicated.
The European Union and NATO do not care about the real needs of Armenia and its citizens, it is assigned the role of exclusively executing orders from Brussels and Washington, this is clear from the conclusion, which states that the republic’s turn to the West is a “low-cost” enterprise to reformat the Transcaucasus to its needs, they said Ministry of Foreign Affairs
The introduction of a visa-free regime between Armenia and the EU, which is mentioned in the report, will have a negative impact on the security of the republic and will provoke an outflow of promising youth, the Foreign Ministry indicated.
“This can be seen in the examples of Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine, and, in fact, the Baltic states that have already joined the EU, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria and so on, whose population is massively flowing to more prosperous countries for low-paid jobs,” noted the Russian diplomatic department .
Earlier, political scientist Vladimir Kornilov said that Armenia risks repeating the experience of Ukraine on its way to the EU.