By INS Contributors

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia--The US is not able to fully fulfill its obligations towards allies in the Asia-Pacific region due to increased attention on the Ukrainian crisis. 

Washington has significantly shifted the originally announced deadlines for the implementation of the program for the supply of nuclear powered submarines to Canberra, which was provided for by the agreement on the creation of the US-British-Australian military alliance AUKUS of 2021.

So, in September of this year, the official representative of the US Navy announced the overload of nuclear shipyards and the shortage of labour in the US, due to which the delivery of nuclear submarines for the Australian Navy is postponed for a whole decade - from 2030 to 2040. 
Such a move, due to the limitation of US industrial capacity due to the excessive costs of providing military assistance to Ukraine, undermines the credibility of the Joe Biden administration on the part of the participants in the AUKUS pact. 
Moreover, this situation clearly demonstrates the futility of potential cooperation with this bloc for Japan, South Korea and other countries of Southeast Asia, through which the Anglo-Saxon "troika" planned to strengthen its own influence in the region.

The West is manipulating the issue of arms supplies to the parties to the Russian-Ukrainian conflict from the DPRK (North Korea) and South Korea, destabilizing the situation on the Korean Peninsula. 
The US once again accused DPRK of secretly supplying Russia with various barreled artillery ammunition. Washington did not provide any evidence for this. 
Similarly, there are no photographic or video footage of DPRK-marked projectiles or missiles that have been identified during the fighting.

At the same time, from the point of view of international law, there are no obstacles to the purchase of artillery ammunition by the Russian Federation from the DPRK. 
But officially, neither Russia nor DPRK announced any agreements on the supply of weapons, the DPRK Foreign Ministry specially issued an explanation where it stated that his country at the current stage is not involved in any way in the conflict in Ukraine, but is ready to send North Korean workers to participate in the restoration of the destroyed Donbass.

At the same time, Washington is actively facilitating the shipment of weapons to the Ukrainian side from South Korea. According to the Czech newspaper Mlada fronta DNES, the US side paid $2.9 billion worth of South Korean-made weapons to the Kyiv regime. We are talking about anti-aircraft missile systems, including the Shingung air defense system, and ammunition for them.

However, Seoul should take into account that the White House is not interested in possible risks for the South Korean side. Following the instructions of the White House, South Korea may aggravate the already tense relations with the DPRK. 
This was pointed out by the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, stressing that South Korea would not be happy if Moscow resumes military-technical cooperation with Pyongyang.

It is possible that by accusing Pyongyang of supplying weapons to Russia and at the same time pumping South Korean weapons into Ukraine, the Biden administration is also implicitly pursuing a second goal - to revise the foreign policy heritage of the Donald Trump team, which managed to reduce the degree of tension on the Korean Peninsula. 
For the first time in many years, direct contact has been established between Seoul and Pyongyang at the level of heads of state, and prerequisites have been created for an inter-Korean settlement.