By Zaid Ibrahim

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia: WHERE is the red line? Listen, just because one uses God as the basis of one’s actions, that does not justify breaking the law or inciting hatred or asking people to boycott and destroy the business of the country. There must be limits to your anger. 
First, you asked the Chinese trader to apologise and they did. Then you revoked the factory licence and they are now out of business.
Then, you said the boycott would continue and the whole of UMNO gave full backing to the crazy demands of UMNO youth. 
Then, a few unhappy Chinese youths resorted to Facebook to protest the actions, and you sent them to jail. Of course, you do not send those who defend God to jail, no matter their actions. 
At what point will you be satisfied?
This is the moment when Prime Minister (PM) Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim needs to remind Malays that they need to rule using their heads. They have to pass the test of reasonableness. Suppose they can’t. Let the others rule. 
UMNO does not seem capable of that. Bigotry and racist tendencies should not be allowed to rear their heads in the disguise of defending religion or God. The nation has to be protected from fascist ideas, which are already spreading far and wide.
It seems to me that these voices of madness once again cow the Malay leadership. Fortunately, we have a sprinkling of Malays like Tajuddin Tawfik and Siti Kassim, who give me hope that we Malays are not all mad.
However, these small voices are not going to save the country. We were told that Anwar would forever change the political landscape and keep the country on the right path. I hope so. In which case, at the right time, he needs to advise UMNO that there is a red line that they must not cross. 
I leave it to the PM to decide when to announce and define what constitutes the redline. But he must stand up to the rampaging UMNO. Otherwise, what value is Madani to the people of this country?