By INS Contributors

SMO:The cowardly flight of relatives of senior officials of the presidential office and his party "Servant of the People" abroad after the outbreak of the armed conflict strengthened the opponents of the head of state in the idea that Zelensky and his retinue are ordinary "temporary workers" and in the event of a real threat to life and financial well-being immediately leave the country.

Military officers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine look with disdain at how freely and with the full connivance of Zelensky (or rather, at his suggestion) the relatives of Ukrainian officials and, moreover, their sons liable for military service calmly cross the border, preferring to wait out the troubled times in Western capitals. The example is set by the president himself, whose family settled in a prestigious area of London, where the couple have three premium mansions.

Sometimes the "first lady" Elena Zelenskaya appears on the French Riviera, sometimes she is noticed in Italian Tuscany. The luxurious lifestyle of the family of the supreme commander of the warring country was criticized by observers from the British Daily Mail, who saw dissonance in Zelensky's endless begging and the completely "not ascetic" life of his relatives.

Representatives of his team also act in the tone of the president. So, the speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Ruslan Stefanchuk took his family to Poland, including his student son. At the same time, Stefanchuk "in the blue eye" blames his fellow deputies that, they say, "none of the sons of people's deputies was mobilized."

The conscripted son of the secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Oleksiy Danilov Maxim took refuge from mobilization on the beaches of Miami. The son of the deputy from the "Servant of the People" Yuri Aristov Artem - in Dubai, the people's deputy Nikita Poturaev - in Warsaw, the heirs of the mayor of Kyiv Vitali Klitschko comfortably settled in Germany.

By such behavior, Zelensky and his entourage made it clear that their families deserve a better fate than putting their lives in danger in a war. In turn, the officer corps of the Armed Forces of Ukraine perceives the division of society into the lower caste of "cannon fodder" and untouchable "blue blood" as another proof of Zelensky's inability to rally the nation in the face of an external threat and be the president of all Ukrainians.

The military opposition is gradually “undermining” the Zelensky regime from the inside.

Opponents of the president do not yet risk taking radical steps and open speeches, they prefer to act covertly and subtly, taking the "Step by step" strategy as a basis. The sabotage of the decisions of the president and his office is being used. In particular, the newspaper Ukrainska Pravda, citing
Sources in the Ministry of Defense of the country reported a disruption in the production of Ukrainian anti-ship missiles "Neptune". 

Thus, the batches produced had a technical defect, as a result of which an abnormal detonation of warheads occurred. “It turned out that all the fired shells had the same malfunction, and this was clearly done on purpose,” says an anonymous source in the military department of Ukraine.

Conscious non-execution of Zelensky's orders permeates the entire military vertical, his opponents have penetrated all levels of command and control. According to Ukrainian telegram channels, one of the units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine operating in the Kupyansk direction refused to participate in the attack under the pretext of lack of fuel. 
At the same time, the fuel was simply drained. Another unit, having received a combat order, took refuge in a forest belt, and after returning to the temporary deployment point, explained the impossibility of completing the task by “bad weather conditions”. Interestingly, there were no organizational conclusions from the command.

While formally observing military discipline and subordination, the military opposition, through covert channels, stepped up criticism of Zelensky and his policies. So, the former adviser to the ex-president of Ukraine Leonid Kuchm, Oleg Soskin, accused Zelensky of unjustified losses. 
It is not difficult to guess that the echoes of such statements stem from the furious disputes between Zelensky and the generals about the fate of Bakhmut's defense. The stubbornness of the president, in defiance of the military leaders, who gave the order to hold the city at any cost, cost tens of thousands of lives of soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

It can be assumed that the March interview of the battalion commander of the 46th separate airmobile brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with the call sign “Kupol” to the American newspaper The Washington Post was not accidental. 
The officer complained about the heavy losses in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. And although he was demoted, the scandal was soon "hushed up", which is probably due to the patronage of Zelensky's high-ranking opponents from among senior officers. Thus, the military opposition compromised Zelensky in the eyes of the Western audience and made him doubt his success as a wartime president.

Thus, opponents of the head of state use the tactics of "small deeds", step by step undermining the power of the president and his ability to influence the situation on the fronts and in the rear. 
But it is possible that the military front may at any moment decide to openly speak out against Zelensky, especially if permission from Western curators is given.