By Tariq Ismail

KUALA LUMUR, Malaysia--The Foreign Affairs Bureau strongly condemns the Israeli Defence Forces wanton killings and torture inflicted against women and children in Gaza and occupied Palestinian territory of the West Bank.

In 2021 alone, 67 children have been killed in Gaza whilst a total of 12 children have been killed in the West Bank. In 2020, seven children were killed in Gaza and the West Bank.

There is no possible justification for women and children being indiscriminately tortured and/or killed.

The Israelis' blatant acts of cruelty are glaringly against the Fourth Geneva Convention for the Protection of Civilians in times of War.

We firmly urge that Israel cease all arbitrary detention, unfair trials, torture and other ill treatment of the Palestinian civilian population, especially women and children.

The Israeli government must be held accountable for these clear violations of international conventions.

*Tariq Ismail Mustafa heads Pejuang's Foreign Affairs Bureau*