By Ong Kian Ming
There is much speculation that there will be another Movement Control Order (MCO) in the Klang Valley next week, perhaps as early as Monday, 3rd of May, 2021.
This is already the 3rd time that we are experiencing at MCO in the Klang Valley where almost 10 million residents are located. The National Security Council (NSC) should already have a system in place to prepare the residents with advance warning before an MCO is announced.

An MCO is very disruptive for the people especially from an economic perspective.ย  The people are already suffering from MCO 1.0 and MCO 2.0. If MCO 3.0 is announced without proper preparation, the peopleโ€™s suffering will only increase.

If the MCO is hurriedly announced with the SOPs in place, many people may end up being fined RM10,000 for violating ย the SOPs which they donโ€™t know about because they have not been confirmed. For example, how many people can sit in a car during MCO 3.0? One, two or three?

I urge the Ministers in charge to NOT announce another MCO in the Klang Valley at the last minute and without confirming the SOPs.

The need to have another MCO shows that the emergency has failed in its objective to control the pandemic and bring down the COVID19 infections.
It is high time that parliament is reconvened so that policies regarding the handling of the COVID19 pandemic can be discussed openly and the Ministers in charge of various aspects of relevant policies can be questioned by the opposition as well as the backbenchers.